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10 September 2019 Daniel Gara

Inside this Issue: 10 September 2019

10 Things To Do
AdviserLogic Data Security – a look at Two Factor Authentication and why you should use it.

Efficient Office
This issue, Efficient Office takes a look at utilising Quick Search to find a specific client in your client base.

Product Spotlight: eLearning
Notification Centre – what you need to know is only a click away – but do you check your AdviserLogic notifications?

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One of our objectives at AdviserLogic Group is to automate your mundane compliance tasks.  It’s a bit like us eating your brussel sprouts for you.

These tasks are critical to you maintaining compliance and profitability and we want to make sure you’re using all the tools that we’ve made available to you!

by Daniel Gara


In AdviserLogic, you already have a plethora of compliance tools that can make your life easier.  Are you using them? Bulk RoA, Bulk FSG, Bulk FDS, RiskLogic 2.0, SuperLogic 2.0, Workflow 2.0.  We have already covered many of these off in theLogic but if you need help to ensure you are making the most of them – our Consulting team can help you.

alfrad Update
We now have several businesses beta testing alfrad (AdviserLogic for Rapid Advice Delivery), our new digital advice solution.  Over the coming weeks, we shall be contacting you to discuss the process and timeframes, relating to your transition to alfrad.  We appreciate your patience as we continue to refine alfrad for broader use.  We will define a schedule for migrations and will contact you once we’re ready to take your practice/AFSL to the next phase!

That’s all for now. Have a great week ahead!

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