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3 September 2019 Daniel Gara

Inside this Issue: 3 September 2019

10 Things To Do
AdviserLogic Mobile – a creative way for Advisers to work.
Creating file notes on the go can save you time!

Efficient Office
This issue, Efficient Office takes a look at utilising Segmentation Reporting and how to data-mine your client base.

Product Spotlight: eLearning
What you need to know to get the most out of using AdviserLogic.

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No matter how you pronounce it, FASEA education obligations have been significantly deferred for existing advisers! That’s marvellous news and I tip my hat to those that lobbied for this change. While most of us agree that higher education standards are generally a good thing, the very tight original timelines were not.

by Daniel Gara


I’ve run live myDataLogic demonstrations with a whole bunch of advisers in the last month. Excitingly, the feedback has been universally positive! We are making a few more enhancements to it pre-launch to ensure it is easy for you to manage and for your clients to understand. We expect it to be widely available this month.

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