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streamline your systems

Why do clients choose AdviserLogic over our competitors? Because our extensive integration makes your life easier. We’ve worked hard to integrate with as many big names as possible so that you can keep the systems that work best for your business, while upgrading those that are holding you back.

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Brands that we integrate with

We integrate with a wide range of brands and apps to encourage efficiency and enhance our product’s usability. Can’t see the brand or app that you need to integrate with? Never fear! Through our advanced API’s, we can integrate with third-party direct application integrations that are built by others. All you need to do is contact us to discuss how we can create a custom integration for you.

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Research, Managed Fund and Australian Share data.

Managed Fund product research from Morningstar.

Managed Fund unit pricing and asset allocation details from Morningstar.

Australian Share pricing from ASX.

Insurance Research and Pricing from Omnium.

Morningstar Adviser Research Centre

Empower your advice with Morningstar’s independent research solution, specifically designed for financial advisers
and brokers looking to take their business to the next level.  Click here for more information.

Third Party direct application integrations built by us.

Emailing with MailChimp.

Investor risk profile analysis with FinaMetrica.

Mortgage broker CRM integration with Mercury by Connective.

Insurance policy applications with AIA.

Integration with Zapier.

Integrate with more than 1400 apps such as:

And more! For a full list see here.

DataLogic data feeds.

Superannuation member and investment holding data and insurance policy data from the following institutions:

Service Partners

Infrastructure and Software as service partners.


Capabilities Beyond Imagination.

Have a problem you need fixing? Our comprehensive team of professionals can create a custom solution, just for you.

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