Say Goodbye to the Data Bottleneck

Data collection is the main hindrance, and a major bottleneck, in the delivery of financial advice. Datalogic is a consolidated data feed service designed for financial software designers, major financial planning practices and AFSLs. DataLogic is the product that consolidates the raw data supplied by multiple providers, transforming it into an easy-to-read and manageable format. Extensive integration with fund managers, wrap and super platforms, and insurers means that everything is automatically updated for you. Provide speedier service and informed advice by leaving data processing in the hands of DataLogic.

AdviserLogic Software DataLogic

Data Consolidation

Consolidate all of your client’s data in the one place without having to spend hours sifting through and decoding dozens of different raw data files.

  • Connect with dozens of data feeds.
  • Consolidate client level investment and insurance data.
  • Receive automated data feed status updates.

Hassle-Free Data Feed Setup

When it comes to connecting your client’s various data feeds to the DataLogic software interface, you don’t need to lift a finger. AdviserLogic streamlines this process with direct contact between the provider and server.

  • Different data feed types are handled separately from one another.
  • Providers either drop files to our FTP server or we fetch files using a scheduled downloader.
  • All data feeds are then categorised based on insurance or asset data for ease of use.
AdviserLogic Software DataLogic
AdviserLogic Software DataLogic

Detailed testing

Data feeds are extensively tested for complete connection success and consistently monitored for continued convenient integration. Our technical team provide quick-response, ongoing support to any and all of your DataLogic needs.

  • Automatic notifications of system status and quick response rectifications from the technical team.
  • ‘Out of balance’ processors run on a weekly basis, limiting the possibility of errors occurring.

DataLogic connects to the following data feeds:



The AdviserLogic Suite of Products

Standout features at a glance


  • Ability to customise any of our products to suit your needs.
  • Ability to build and maintain totally unique custom products.


  • API compatible with dozens of third-party applications.
  • All products integrate as a seamless suite, can be used separately or with other CRM’s.
  • Salesforce-oriented product development plans.


  • Servers based at AWS Sydney.
  • Backups several times per day – AWS & Google Cloud.
  • Regular third-party penetration testing.
  • Two Factor authentication.

Financial Planning Tools

  • Risk Insurance.
  • Superannuation research.
  • Cash Flow modelling and projections.
  • Sophisticated template coding.
  • SoA wizard tools.
  • Default product advice.
  • Investment reporting.
  • iOS and Android apps.
  • Client Login feature.

Compliance Tools

  • Bulk RoA tool.
  • Bulk FDS tool.
  • FDS tool.
  • AFSL Console (allowing dealer overview of adviser activity).
  • Model Portfolio, APL, Risk Profiler management.


  • Training webinars.
  • In-house training.
  • Training videos.
  • Help Centre articles.
  • Live Chat help.
  • Phone & email assistance.

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