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21 January 2019 AdviserLogic

AdviserLogic Dashboards
Business Data Analytics

In 2019, Australian financial planners will adopt technology that enables them to analyse their business practices as well as identify issues and opportunities that pertain to concerns raised by the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.

Data is the key to achieving this.  “AdviserLogic Dashboards facilitate a meaningful insight into your business and empowers you to unlock automation and efficiencies, know your clients like never before and get more out of your advisers and your team” AdviserLogic CEO Daniel Gara said.

Now is the time to adopt technology which puts Australian advisers first, giving you insights through highly-relevant, purpose-built analytical dashboards and ensuring you stay at the front of industry evolution.

Whilst compliance and governance is important and catered for, what if you knew how to help your clients before even speaking with them?  Data is the key to helping you make this future step in advice, guidance and delivery. Once you have the data, how can you easily interpret this in a meaningful way?  How can you use machine learning to help you grow your business and gain vital insights?

AdviserLogic, the best financial planning software in Australia*, is excited to release Dashboards which provide exciting new opportunities for financial services businesses in 2019.  Delivering insights into revenue, compliance and business analytics in real-time. Compliance can now evolve from reactive measures and remediation to proactive guidance and reduced business risks.

Stay in control of your business by maintaining visibility into your most important KPIs and metrics with our cloud-based AdviserLogic Dashboards.

AdviserLogic Dashboards Team

 The team have put in a massive effort
to bring to life critical information for advisers and licensees.

‘The best part about dashboards is its simplicity’ says Gaurav, the project’s manager.  ‘Representation of important data is readily available on Dashboards. Multiple screens for super, insurance, investment, revenue and compliance makes the users experience of checking, monitoring and interpreting data simple. We have a great team and our senior Developer Abhay has really brought Dashboards to life.’

Your most important asset is people and in order to make the best decisions and take the best actions, your people need the right data and technology.  AdviserLogic Dashboards provide the solution with interactive charts, drill through functionality, drag and drop customisation, searching and a notification center with trigger notifications.

Regardless of whether your practice is small or large, or its advice focus, data should be at the centre for all decision making. Monitoring key data points can help you maximize your results while increasing your efficiency and reaction time to upcoming issues and opportunities.

Dashboards help you to build a culture around your key metrics – or key performance indicators – and AdviserLogic has done the hard work for you and provides you with the Dashboards you need.

Measuring and monitoring business performance is critical, but focusing on the wrong key performance indicators can be detrimental. So can be poorly structured ones that are too difficult, costly to obtain or require third party extraction to monitor on a regular basis.  This is why we have built Dashboards which support your business.

Interested in Data Analytics?

If you are an existing AdviserLogic user, Dashboards are now available so contact our
Sales team for a demonstration and to discuss your needs.

New to AdviserLogic – time to adopt technology which focuses on the Australian marketplace, that is easy to use, award winning, time saving and future ready. Contact our Sales team today and start using Australia’s best financial planning software.